Alberica Moonlite In Vienna - aka. Vienna


AKC and CKCSC, USA Registered.

Health Tested Annually.


By ENGLISH CHAMPION and UK BREED RECORD HOLDER, Keyingham Branwell x Narayden Billy Jo at Alberica

Many thanks to my dear friend, Mrs. Drene Lucas, of Alberica Cavaliers in Nottingham, England who has entrusted me with this classic beauty, Vienna. Drene has given us a wonderful foundation from which to build on with Trinny and Vienna, both lovely daughters of the incomparable UK Breed Record Holder, Eng. CH Keyingham Branwell and the fabulous Narayden Billy Jo at Alberica.


Pedigree of Alberica Moonlite In Vienna

Date of Birth: February 14, 2010



Eng CH Keyingham Branwell (B)

Eng CH & Breed Record Holder


Maibee Montrose (B)


Craigowl Dixon (B)

Eng CH Lymrey Royal Reflection of Ricksbury (B)
Eng CH Craigowl Silkience (B)
Maibee The Stand In (B)


Eng CH Ricksbury Tommy (B)
Maibee Clara Bow (B)
Keyingham Fidgeon (B)  

Nevhill's Nazareth (T)

Eng CH Cavaliegh Alexander (?)
Nevhill's Narnia (T)
Eng CH Keyingham Rowena (B)


Nevhill's Nashville (B)
Deranmar Artemis at Keyingham (?)

Narayden Billy Jo at Alberica (T)

Photo by D. Lucas



Judyland Timeless at Downsbank (T)  

Eng CH Judyland Touch of Magic (B)

Eng CH Sanickro Made By Magic (B)
Judyland Beautiful (B)
Judyland Cotton Kisses (T)


Choya Cotton Picking (T)
Judyland Maybelle (?)
Metcroft Calpurnia at Narayden (B)  

Eng CH Sanickro Made By Magic (B)

Eng CH Alberto of Kindrum  (B)

Sanickro Maid of Honour at Colneka (B)
Metcroft Amereto (B)


Eng CH Pamedna Fan  (T)
Metcroft Cressida (?)

Championships are AKC unless otherwise noted.






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